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We all know that Facebook , one of the biggest social network platform has reached one trillion page views in the month of June 2011, making it the most visited website of those tracked by DoubleClick.
Traffic to Facebook increased steadily after 2009. More people visited Facebook than Google for the last year. Currently has got a global of one than the by

How to Make using Your Facebook | Yovia

Facebook World’s most popular and #1 Social Networking site where millions of people connect with each others and make new friends, relations, do Business etc. Did you know that you can Make Money from Facebook, if you some tips and tricks.

So today I will share some tips to earn money from Facebook using Yovia. All you have to do is Follow the below steps

Still not Believed ? Check the Proof
  1. First of all you need an account on PayPal to receive the payments,
    so if you dont have one create one from here .
    People who have already a PayPal skip this step
  2. Make sure you are logined to your facebook account.
    if not login to your facebook account  from here
  3. Visit the below link and Click on ' Register '.
  4. Click on ' I'm an Influencer and Would like to EARN ' as seen on the below picture

  5. How to Make using Your Facebook | Yovia

  6. Connect your Facebook account.
  7. Fill the form, Enter your Correct PayPal email address. just enter PayPal email as

    Note that everything in the form is filled correctly because you won't get another chance to edit them.
  8. Tha'ts it you have made an account.
  9. Claim the Opportunities and Increase your Account Balance. 
When Does they Pay it's users/influencers/contributors ?All payments are made after 10th of Next Month ie if you have earned $2 on June 2013 , you will be paid on 10th or 11th July 2013. All payments are Instant

How to Earn More Money from Yovia ?
Yovia has now introduced a new feature which helps it's users to earn more money while they got more users. All you need to do is refer your friends yovia. 
You can obtain your unique referral URL by Going to Influencers ---> Refer Friends .
Share the URL on facebook and earn money while others joins on yovia through your referral link.
How to Know if  there are any New Opportunities available ?
This is most asked question by everyone and many of them login to thier yovia account daily to check any new opprtunites are available. 
But i have simple method to suggest. Just like their Facebook fan page and follow their Twitte account to stay tuned for updates on new opportunities.

So why wait ??? Join Now by Clicking Below Banner

How to Make using Your Facebook | Yovia
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First You Need To signup At PaidCoin

What is Paidcoin??

Paidcoin is free social exchange network which helps you grow your social presence.

>>> After login into your account. You have to earn free points by liking other pages,posts, photos or by sharing.

>>> you will get 8 points for each like.

>>> When you have enough points say 500 points. Then select Add site/page at the top left corner.

>>> Fill the form according to your requirements.

>>> At the end of the form there is an option CPC(cost per click). The minimum value is 2. So set it to 2.

>>> Select Save changes.

That,s it. You will get likes as long as you have points in your account. When your coins will finish. just simply earn more free points.

The main benefit of this is that you can get 4 likes on your page for each of your like on other pages. As you earn 8 points for liking other pages and spend 2 points to get a like on your page.
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How to Get Facebook News feeds

World's #1 social network Facebook has updated a new design on it's news feed. Facebook developer team regularly introduce new features to keep it's current place among social network sites. Now they have concentrated on Facebook news feed. Facebook news feed is turned into a new look, now you can focus on stories from your friends. Earlier, all the stories appeared in your news feed but now Facebook allows you to filter stories with following options.

 All Friends - a feed that shows you everything your friends are sharing.
Photos - a feed with nothing but photos from your friends and the Pages you like on Facebook.
Music - a feed with posts about the music you listen to music which your friends listen to.
Following - a feed with the latest news from the Pages you like and the people you follow.

Facebook shows the same view in whatever you log with like mobile devices, tablets and desktop versions with this useful new feature. All the Facebook users can get this new design in upcoming weeks. If you want to get this new feature soon on your Facebook account,then follow the given steps below.

ign-in to your Facebook account.
Click here to go Facebook News Feed.
Now scroll down the windows to bottom.
After that, click on Join Waiting List button.
That's all, Now you are in waiting list for getting Facebook new news feed.
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Autorun Virus Remover 3.1

Autorun Virus Remover 3.1!
File Size:4.13M
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Any Video Converter Ultimate 5

Any Video Converter Ultimate 5.5.1
File Size:30.4MB
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Need For Speed Underground 2 Game

System Requirements!
  • Ram: 256 MB
  • Video Memory: 32 MB
  • Hard: 800 MB
  • Windows XP,Vista,7


Need For Speed Underground 2 Game!
Game Size:535MB
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Project Igi 3 The Plan Game
System Requirements!
Cpu:1.0 Ghz
Windows Xp,7,Vista
Ram: 128 Mb
Video Memory: 32 Mb
Hard: 1.3 Gb
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Lock Your Pc like Android Lock Pattern

Lock Your Pc with Android Lock Pattern !

Works with Win Xp/7/8!

Safe And Easy To use!

Locking your screen prevents other people from accessing your computer while you are away from it.

  • Pattern based technique to lock your computer
  • Quick and safe computer lock by hot key, or mouse click
  • Auto-lock when computer is idle
  • Lock the computer when windows startup
  • Turnoff the monitor based on your choice
  • Custom lock screens background image
  • Lock screen transparency
  • Change the alert text
  • Support multiple monitors
  • Use the dynamic password technology to prevent key loggers
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NBA2k13 Direct for pc


NBA2K has started to run away with the basketball simulation genre. After 2K12 was such a big hit, many were wondering how they could improve on the experience.
Well, first you get Jay-Z involved as an executive producer.
The rapper gone entrepreneur has brought a fresh new look to the franchise. Whether it's the addition of once unobtainable legends, or a soundtrack that features U2 and Kanye West—as well as a little Daft Punk—his presence is felt in the game.
As the 2K brand attempts to stay on top of the NBA video game race, here's some of the best new features they're bringing to the table.
All-Star Weekend
Lots of people are polarized about preorder DLC. Either you love it or hate it. But sometimes a deal comes along that is just too cool.
That's the case with NBA 2K13, where if you preorder the game you receive a specialDLC code for an All-Star Game weekend.
If it was just the All-Star game, this DLC wouldn't really be worth it. But it's not just the game. The DLC is complete with Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Contest and Rising Star Challenge.
Now I'm not sure if you can don a cape or blow out the candle on a cupcake, but nonetheless this is pretty sweet DLC.
Career Mode
Career Mode in sports games is one of those things that's really hard to improve. Lots of games either go over the top, or do nothing—making for a stale experience.
2K13 has taken an RPG approach with their career mode, and there seem to be somepretty awesome improvements.
For starters, there's a bunch of new business features. Your customized player can seek out endorsement deals or enter into tough contract negotiations. You can even be a part of NBA Cares events.
Off the court, you can customize your own wardrobe—such as buying different pregame/postgame suits—and utilize a new social media function. You even get to choose your own pregame rituals.
Topping it all off are the numerous ways you can improve, or hurt, your image. Looking to make a statement? Have a meeting with the GM about firing your coach. Want a chemistry boost? Take your teammates out for dinner.
Shoe Creator
Yes, shoe creator systems is nothing new. But what if you can actually get your shoe?
In NBA 2K13 you can.
After putting together your custom sneakers, you can then link your design withNikeID. Here other people can vote on your designs, or you can have them actually made and shipped to your house.
Plenty of Legends
The 2K brand really took off when they got Michael Jordan on board. They revolutionized their legend system, and now they're at it again.
Say you want to put Kobe's words to the test and see if the 2012 Olympic team could be the 1992 team. Now you can do that in 2K13.
Keep in mind these legends aren't just available on the Olympic teams. Many will be available on their NBA teams—so you can still play with Scottie Pippen on the Bulls.
Other awesome legend additions include Shaq, Wilt Chamberlain and Allen Iverson.
Stick Control
The one big gameplay addition to the game is the new control system.
Using the left trigger goes into the standard shot stick settings. But now the right stick opens up a myriad of dribble controls. Think of it as NBA 2K13's own "freestyle" system.
This opens up plenty of ways to get around defenders. Even bounce passes have made it into the fold.
While the game has yet to launch—release date October 2—you get the feeling that this is already going to be a fun game.
Most exciting is that career mode. Sports games are beginning to delve deeper and deeper into the control a player has over their customized star. 2K13 feels like it's making a lot of strides, without muddling the gaming experience.
No doubt, 2K13 will remain ahead of the competition with this one

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