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Torrent is a Peer To Peer File Sharing Protocol used for distributing large amounts of data over the Internet. Torrent is one of the most common Protocols for transferring large files and it has been estimated that Peer To Peer Networks collectively have accounted for roughly 43% to 70% of all Internet traffic.

But finding the Best Torrent File and Downloading it from the Server is sometimes bit Frustrating. As the Peer To Peer i.e. speed of downloading the Torrent File is very Slow as Compared to the Direct Downloading.

So to Fix this issue here is the Trick on How to Download Torrent Directly without TorrentClient instead we can download the Content of that Torrent by our own Download Manager like Internet Download Manager or any other.
Top Tricks and Tips : P2P
If you still don't have Internet Download Manager installed on your System or still running atrial version of it,
then read our Trick to Hack and Crack Internet Download Manager to Hack and Crack IDM and use it for lifetime for Free.
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Top Tricks and Tips : Torrent to IDM
Now there are many Online Torrent Client sites which provide you with the Direct links for theTorrent File to Download, but we here consider and discuss only the two which are best and works great.

The two Online Torrent Client are :

1) - Torrent Online
Top Tricks and Tips :
This is one of the Best site to download the Torrents File Directly, but it may be the problem for many Users that the Site is in Russian Language. So the users who don't know Russian Language may feel difficulty in using it.

But don't worry, be Smart and work like Pro. We can use Google Translate to surf this Site in our own Language.
As like our site : IT WIZARD INDIA can be easily accessed in any of the Language that you want, for instance you can use this Google Translate Link to access Top Tricks and Tips in your own Language.

2) zbigz
Top Tricks and Tips : zbigz
zbigz provide users to download Torrent files easily and directly. zbigz is a Free Online BitTorrent Client but it also offers the Premium benifits to the Premium users in which they provide Features like Dedicated channels for caching, Unlimited download speed, Caching begins immediately, No pauses during caching, Protected BitTorrent, Hidden IP, No software or network restrictions.
So we can use the Free option for the Torrent Download from zbigz as it also works great without any problem or issue.

How to Use Online Torrent Client ?

1) Search the Web for the Torrent that you want to Download.
You can use or any other of your choice.

2) Copy the Torrent / Magnetic Link or Download the Torrent File and Save it on your Local Disk.

3) Open Link of any of the Online Client mentioned above i.e. or zbigz in your Web Browser.

4) Paste the Torrent / Magnetic Link in the space provided over there on the Site or else if you have downloaded the Torrent File then Click on the Upload button from the site and then choose to Open the File from your Local Disk.

5) Now click on Go Button on the Site and your Torrent will be firstly Queued, Cached and then will be available for download within few seconds ( or minutes ) depending upon the File Size.

6) Finally the required File would be Ready to Download.
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Top Tricks and Tips : Download Complete
So it is a Simple Trick on How to Download Torrent Directly without Torrent Client.