Download YouTube Videos Using Opera Mini Mobile Browser

Many people use mobile internet and almost all of them use Opera Mini to browse internet. Opera mini is a very fast and flexible mobile browser in present days. Almost every internet enabled mobile has an Opera mini. I also use opera mini to browse internet from my mobile. Opera mini supports almost every phone model. They have java, Symbian, android, windows etc versions for different OS s.
Download youtube videos opera mini
So, those was the good side of opera mini. Beside them opera mini have some problem with flash content, video download etc. opera mini don’t let users to download videos from
Opera mini doesn’t support video download from! that’s why, people can’t storeYouTube videos on their phone…ok. No longer this problem will stay. Here I m gonna show you how to download YouTube videos from opera mini. It’s so easy to do.
Let’s see how:
Step 1: Run Opera min from your phone and type
Opera mini video download
Step 2: Find and select the video which one you want to download.
Opera mini video download
Step 3: Now have look on the address bar. Its showing something like this
Step 4: Just put ss instead of m. like and press go.
Opera mini video download
Step 5: You will see some video format list. Select in which format you want to download thisvideo.
Opera mini video download
Enjoy YouTube videos on the go even you are offline and share over Bluetooth J. Please don’t forgot to leave us comment