How To Create A Google+ Page for your blog

Google+ Pages are the current most discussed topic on the web world. Now google is allowing us to create a Google+ page for our brands, local businesses, institutions, websites, etc..
In this article, I'll help you to create a Google+ page for your blog. And some tips for using it.

How To Create A Google+ Page
Process of creating a Google+ page is very much similar with facebook pages. Its really easy, Just follow my instructions.
  • Sign in to Google+
  • Go to the following address (
  • From the categories, Pick 'Other'.
  • Fill up the information they have asked (Page name, Blog address, Etc..)
  • Tick on Tos and click 'Create'.
  • On the next step, Describe about your blog, And upload an image as a profile image.
That's all, Start to spread your Google+ Page with your friends and readers.
How To Switch Between Page And Profile
Switching b/w your G+ Page and Profile is a simple process, Just click on the arrow mark below you screen name, and select the page you want to switch to.