LATEST Facebook Messenger for Windows

LATEST Facebook Messenger for Windows 

Facebook has finally released the Facebook Messenger app for Windows after releases for Android and iOS devices have been available for quite some time now.

Facebook Messenger for Windows is a stand-alone application that pulls out the Facebook Chat service outside of the world’s largest social network plus additional features.

The new app allows a Facebook user to see updated statuses of online friends along with a complete list of their names within the app, a feature similar to the Sidebar, which include onscreen updates for notifications.
Account holders using Windows can dock the app at the left area of the screen to have a fully capabl.

Facebook Sidebar outside of a Web browser.

Skype already has an option to connect a user’s Facebook account so it would be better to merge the services and avoid having too many installed applications on the computer.

Anyway, just hit this link to download the Facebook Messenger for Windows installation package, where users will not have to think about the coming of updates as these are done in the background automatically.

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