Use A Creative Profile Picture On Your Facebook New Profile !

Today Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Many people are starting there day with Facebook. This is true that every Facebook users always want to present something different with their profile to their friends. This is why, few days ago Facebook was launch there new profile.
Anyway, If you already have a Facebook new profile, Then let’s make some different with it!

Did you ever see anyone’s Facebook profile look like the pictures bellow? 

Do you want to make your Facebook profile picture like above? If yes!

Follow the Instructions given bellow:

1. Log in your Facebook account and click here.
2. Application will open then click “Upload Picture” and select a ‘high regulation’ picture from your computer.
3. Wait for few seconds (depending on your picture quality).
4. After complete uploading it will show your picture as a preview. You can change image position by dragging it with your mouse pointer.
5. If you have finished your changes then click “Publish to Facebook” button to set in your profile or click “Download Pictures” to save all snaps on your computer.
6. Then it will ask you for permission to enter in your Facebook profile like other Facebook applications. Click “Allow”.
7. Then close this pop-up window to see full details.
8. Wait for a moment to complete this process. When finish click “Open main picture”. And You will redirect to your photo album in a new tab window. Make it your profile picture, reload your browser.

9. Now you will see your profile something like this.
10. Enjoy your new profile