Easy Way to Hide A specific drive From My Computer! WITHOUT software Needed

Did you ever face an insecure situation with your drive data when you left your computer over to your friends for some days? Its provably yes, because we do not want that someone click or access on our personal data in our absence. To avoid unknown accessing on your data you can put your all personal files into a specific drive and make that drive hidden.
Drive Hide
Now the topics is How to make a drive hidden without any software! Very simple...
1.  Go to start > run [Home key+R ].
2.  Type gpedit.msc  and press enter.
3.  Group Policy will appear, single click on Administrative Templates of User Configurationsub-menu from the left.
4.  Double click on Windows Components from the right. Then double click on Windows Explorer.
5.  Now see, a list of options are appeared. Double click on "Hide these specified drives in my computer" option from the list.
6.  Select Enable and apply it. You are done.
Note: if you want to show this drive again on my computer just follow the steps 1-6 and select Not Configured option and apply it.
To be more clear, open this image in a new tab.
Drive Hide Process
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