Top 15 Ultimate Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Top 15 Ultimate Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

If you would like to operate a windows 7 computer more faster and save your valuable time from doing things with mouse click then you have to learn some keyboard shortcuts. using keyboard shortcut will save your time and make your operating more easy and lets see some useful killer windows 7 keyboard shortcuts.

1. Ctrl+Shift+N to Create a New Folder

2. Ctrl+Shift+Click to Open a Program As Administrator

3. Shift+Right-Click Enhances Send to Menu

4. Shift+Right-Click on a Folder to Open Command Prompt

5. Win+Space to Quickly Show Desktop

6. Win+Up/Down/Left/Right for Moving the Active Window

7. For Dual Monitors: Win+Shift+Left Arrow Key to Move Active Window to Left Monitor

8. For Dual Monitors: Win+Shift+Right Arrow Key to Move Active Windowto Right Monitor

9. Win+T to Get to Taskbar Items

10. Shift+Click on a Taskbar App to Open a New Instance of the App

11. Win+B to Move Focus to the System Tray

12. Win+P for Quickly Connecting Your Laptop to a Projector

13. Win+1, on for Opening Taskbar Programs

14. Win+Pause helps you check System Properties

15. Ctrl+Shift+Esc Can Quickly Windows Task Manager