How To Search Faster In Internet,

I just want to share hot tricks to search files in internet with the easier way and faster way.. Because it’s too many information present in internet. I hope it will help you a lot.
Google fast search

For example: you are in Google, and finding a program. like.... "Photoshop Cs5"
using a hotfile premium account. The problem is you don’t know where to download it.

Here’s a easier way of find it.

1. Type the name of program you are looking in Google search bar.
For example: Photoshop
2. Press enter.
3. Then there are many result will come out.
4. Now add "" in the end of the name of what you searched.

Like this.

Photoshop then to this>> Photoshop

press enter again and you will see all the sites, forums where you can download that program with "hotfile" weee.!