Top 10 Ultimate Google Search Engine Hacks

Google is considered as the search giant of Internet. Most of the people prefer using Google over othersearch engines like Yahoo, Bing; etc. due the highly relevant results of Google.
Now what to do when even Google is not providing you with what you want ?
Certainly you will feel that you have reached the end and there is no way that you can get the type of result you want. Nothing to worry..!
Google Search Hack
By TopOne
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Just don't loose your hope, because now I’ll tell you some Google hacks that will help you to get your desired result. You will find these hacks very useful in your everyday Google search uses and you can also amuse your friends by telling these Google hacks and certainly they will be amazed by the knowledge.

Now here is a list of Google Hacks with their usability:
Type these searches in Google

1. link:url

This will give the list of sites that links to a particular site.


It will give the list of all sites linking to

2. related:url

This search will give you all sites related to the url you have entered in the above query.

3. site:domain

This will show all the pages of the Domain you enter in the above query.

4. allinurl:search term

This will show only those results in whose url your search term will appear exactly.

5. Inurl:search term

This is similar to the query allinurl but it will search only the first word of search term in url and the rest of the words will be searched in the page.

6. allintitle:search term

This will show only those sites which have your search term in the tittle of website.

7. Intitle:search term

This will show only those sites which have your first word of search term in tittle and the rest of the words in their page.

8. spell:search term

This will check your search term for spelling mistakes and automaticallyperform search in google with correct words.

9. stocks:search term

This will show all the results with your your query in the stock index.

10. filetype:extension search term

This is one of the most useful queries.It will provide you only those sites which provides a document of your extension type and having your search term in it.


Filetype:ppt environment

It will show all ppt files in which the environment word is used. This type of search is extremely useful for finding presentations(ppt or pptx) and e books(pdf)
Feel free to comment if you got somethings useful !