How to improve Google search

 How to improve Google search

9 out of 10 times I open Google to start my web browsing. We are all addicted to Google search. As a result we are some times missing a part of beautiful web.While Google is trying to make the search more easily, we can still use some little tricks to improve our web search results.

1. log in and search to save your queries : Google will save all your search queries if you log in and search. Go to this will help you to recollect your past Google search queries.You just need to login into your Google account , it will show your past search queries.
2.use search operators to get exactly what you want : If you are an engineering student, then you might have know about the OR , AND operators in programming languages. The same can be applied in Google search too.
Try these in Google :  
noodles OR soup      ----> you will get the results from the webpages which have either noodles or soup as a keyword.
noodles AND soup   ---->  you will get the results from the webpages which have both noodles and soup as  keywords.
noodles -soup            ----> all the webpages with the keyword noodles and excluding the pages having the word soup can specify the file type in the results : This is very useful if you are particularly searching for a keyword in a specific kind of file. Google can search inside a file available on the web. So use this as much as possible to [re]search on a topic.

For example I am searching for "Mahatma Gandhi" in Google.Now I want to search for Mahatma Gandhi only in PDF files. Then I will type "Mahatma Gandhi filetype:pdf" (without quotes)in the search bar to get PDF files which contain information about Mahatma Gandhi.
You can replace the file type PDF with your desired file extension. can search within a website : We may face a situation where we need to search for a topic within a website. 
For example, you want to search the topic black holes.
Then you can search this as "black holes" which will return all the articles on "black holes" available from the NASA website.
With this you can get a quality content from the web as you will specif the website name which will be mostly trusted(by you)

5.Avoid unnecessary words from your search query : Google loves Web friendly words.Don't   complicate your search query with unnecessary words like "A", "the" etc. If you add words like these Google may include some unrelated pages to your search query.
Also there is another use of searching with strong keywords(important words related to your search topic)
Have you ever seen a url with unnecessary words like "a","the" etc. ? An intelligent web content creator won't use these general terminology to index his webpages in Google. So to get quality content from search results avoid using these general words
6.Use Google International version : Don't restrict your search results to your region.If your Google page is redirecting to your country specific domain then try . 
Here ncr = no country specific redirection 
personally I use Google Global add-on for FireFox to search in Google. This will enable you to show the results from different country specific Google pages. You can install this in Chrome also

7. Use Google to search in your Gmail and Google drive files  : Yes ! Google will directly display your Drive or Gmail content on Google search results page. This is an experimental trial which will be activated after some days of registration.To add this feature to your account visit this link

8.Search similar  websites using a search operator 'related' along with a url
try '' to find some other web search engines.
9. You can use Google to get answers for your queries other than conventional web search.
question Google with the following queries. 
ip address         ------->gives your ip address 
temperature      -------->know your current location's weather details
time USA        -------->know the time of your friends location
usd2inr             ------->currency conversion operator in Google
define               ------> instead of using a dictionary you can use Google to find the definition on the       Google search results page itself. try "define Oneirophobia" to know what it means
sin(45)+cos(45) ------> use Google as your calculator.

you can apply these methods with a number of operators like  flight
numbers, value of shares,earthquakes, world capitals, sunrise/sunset times, movies,music albums, sports scores,package tracking numbers(of FEDEX etc.), medical conditions, and medications.
Using operators is the most powerful way to explore the web through Google. 
Remember that you can always use a variety of operators at a time.
for example, I am trying to study on "corruption in India" 

So I used "filetype:pdf corruption in india OR indian corruption" to get a lot of pdf files on my topic. 

In this way you can experiment with Google to dig the web as deep as possible.
 Wait !!! I said 10 ways  !! where is the 10th way ?
Hmmm.....Usually Google will answer most of our queries. But if you are still hungry for more web content, then you should point your url to other search engines.
So what are they ?
                                 BING | | WolframAlpha | Blekko